The Riverside Project offers unique holistic learning opportunities for children and adults. 



Riverside Nature School

Riverside Nature School offers a unique nature immersion program for ages three to six, where children spend the bulk of their day outdoors, exploring and learning through joyful, authentic play.

Events & Workshops

Check out our upcoming Events & Workshops for immersive and engaging trainings on everything from natural building to permaculture to personal development.

Infinite Yield Business

The Infinite Yield Business Intensive is designed for entrepreneurs looking to design more rooted, resilient, and regenerative businesses that don't require constant inputs to grow and thrive.


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Who We Are


Emma Moulton Huvos

Emma is a certified early-childhood educator, environmentalist, and entrepreneur.

A passion for nature-based experiential education, a deep attachment to her family's land, and an unwavering belief in the incredible power of connection led Emma to found The Riverside Project.


Greg Faxon

When he's not rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty at Riverside, Greg is busy helping people unleash their full potential through his coaching business.

Scout the Dog

Scout takes her role as official Riverside pup very seriously. She's equally committed to snoozing and groundhog stalking, and she'll never say no to a good belly rub


How we got here

At Riverside in the 1990s. 

At Riverside in the 1990s. 

Hi. I'm Emma Huvos, and I'm the fourth generation of my family to live at Riverside.

Saying that feels almost dishonest, though. It makes it sound like I grew up on the family farm, spending idyllic summer childhoods milking cows and learning hearty skills like canning or repairing tractors. In reality, I grew up 500 miles away in a suburb of Boston and my practical farming experience is woefully lacking.

Even so, I've always felt a strong tie to our little stretch of the Shenandoah. For years I watched my mother struggle as a long-distance landlord, doing what she could to keep tenants on the property, keep the house standing, keep the fields cut. Even as one farm after another in the area got subdivided and built up by developers, even as our financial burden greatened, she did what she could to hang on to her childhood home. This land held a special meaning for us, and we couldn't quite bear to let it go. 

We dreamed of finding a new purpose for the property that would preserve its beauty and natural value while educating and inspiring others. We came up with plenty of ideas, but it never seemed like the right time to take action. You know how it is - the most important things are generally also the scariest, and far too often we let the fear win. 

That all changed in 2015, when my partner Greg and I made the decision to relocate to Riverside full time. 

The move meant leaving behind not only my steady job, but also my identity as a young urban professional. It was a scary transition, but the alternative - continuing to live a life that felt inauthentic and isolated - was scarier. I was tired of feeling disconnected from myself, from my community, and from the natural world. It was time for a change. 

So we took the plunge, and now we're here. We believe that a better life is possible, and we're doing what we can to live it. We look forward to sharing the journey with you. 


Four generations of family at Riverside

Originally purchased in 1942, Riverside has been passed down through four generations of the Moulton family. The property supported dairy and crop production and housed a family-run machine repair shop before falling into disrepair over the past two decades.

Today we're working to redefine and revitalize the family farm, ensuring its relevance and resiliency for generations to come.